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Patient-oriented molecular pathology educational resources

OMPRN aims to meet the molecular pathology education needs of all its stakeholders, including patients and members of the greater patient community. Scroll down to see the patient-oriented educational resources that we've developed.

What is molecular pathology?
This infographic will teach you about the basics of molecular pathology. You will learn about some terms and techniques used in molecular pathology tests used in cancer care.
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Liquid biopsy
In this lesson, you will learn about a relatively new medical testing technique called liquid biopsy.
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Being an active participant in your cancer care
In this video, Terry Hawrysh (OMPRN Patient Partner) describes the benefits of becoming an active participant in your cancer care.
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How do clinical trials work?
Learn about the basics of the clinical trials process in this video.
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Biomarkers: The Secret Code of Cancer
Learn about how biomarkers help doctors and other members of the care team make their diagnosis.
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What does a Molecular Pathologist Do?
This interview with Dr. Ju-Yoon Yoon, a Molecular Pathologist covers the topic “What does a Molecular Pathologist do” in greater detail. You can learn about the different techniques used in Molecular Pathology as well as how Molecular Pathologists play a role in diagnosing and treating cancer.
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Support Professionals in Cancer Care
This infographic serves as a guide for patients about medical professionals involved in cancer care. It outlines various specialists and their most common roles in the diagnosis and management of cancer. Included are examples of questions that each type of support professional is best equipped to answer. If that support professional is not available, you should engage with other members of your care team who can direct you appropriately. Individual experiences may vary, and the roles of the support professionals on your own care team may differ depending on the resources available at your treatment center. This infographic is for educational purposes only. Patients and their families must consult with their primary healthcare provider or seek advice from medical professionals for personalized information regarding their specific condition.
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Learning Opportunities

The Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) is dedicated to improving the understanding of molecular pathology for everyone in the province. We have recently begun developing online educational resources for patients and members of the greater patient community, including family, friends, caregivers and the general public. The lessons that we have created mainly use a “micro-learning” format, which means they are brief, focused and get the point across quickly.

A small collection of patient-oriented microlessons can be found on this page – stay tuned for more coming soon!

We encourage you to explore the lessons on this page to learn more about molecular pathology and how it is involved in cancer care and research. You can complete as many of these lessons in any order that you wish. We have included helpful information about the lessons, like its learning objectives, difficulty level and estimated time to completion to help you decide which lessons are right for you.

If there are any molecular pathology topics you would like to learn more about, please visit the Contact Us page to send us a message! Feel free to share these resources with anyone who you think might benefit.

Please note that any information you find here is for educational purposes only.

More lessons coming soon!

Those are all the patient-oriented lessons we have for now – check back later for updates as we continue adding to this resource. If you would like to learn more about the topics, you can follow the links we have provided with each lesson. If there are any molecular pathology topics you would like to learn more about of if you would like to leave us a comment about these lessons, please visit the Contact Us page to send us a message!

The trusted resources listed on this page are created by organizations or individuals with established expertise in healthcare and healthcare education.

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