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Lesson Format Interview Video
Key Topics
- Cancer Diagnosis
- Molecular Pathology
- Techniques Used
Level beginner
Completion Time 6 minutes
- Screen-reader compatible
- Narration available as PDF
Lesson description

This interview with Dr. Ju-Yoon Yoon, a Molecular Pathologist covers the topic “What does a Molecular Pathologist do” in greater detail. You can learn about the different techniques used in Molecular Pathology as well as how Molecular Pathologists play a role in diagnosing and treating cancer.

Learning objectives

By the end of this lesson, the viewers will be able to:

  • Understand how Molecular Pathologists help diagnose and treat cancer
  • Explain the difference between a Medical Oncologist and a Molecular Pathologist
  • List and describe some of the common techniques used in Molecular Pathology
  • Describe some of the common misconceptions about Molecular Pathologists
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  • Written by Dr. Ju-Yoon Yoon, St. Michael’s Hospital: Unity Health Toronto and Kyster Nanan, OMPRN Project Manager and Education Lead
  • Reviewed by Karen Haas and Terry Hawrysh, OMPRN Patient Partners
  • Video by Kyster Nanan, OMPRN Project Manager and Education Lead and Leigh-Ann van Strip, OMPRN Molecular Pathology Education Associate
  • Music by Kevin MacLeod
Version history
Published January 17, 2024