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Lesson Format Video
Key Topics
- Cancer Diagnosis
- Cancer Therapy
- Clinical Trials
Level beginner
Completion Time 11 minutes
- Closed Captions
Lesson description

In this video, Terry Hawrysh (OMPRN Patient Partner) describes the benefits of becoming an active participant in your cancer care. Terry also provides some specific tips on active participation.

Being involved in making cancer treatment decisions has been shown to benefit patients (Noteboom et al., 2021). In this lesson, you will learn about how you could actively participate in your cancer treatment. The lesson provides an overview of what active participation looks like, how you might begin and shares tips for communicating effectively with your healthcare team during the process.

Learning objectives

By the end of this lesson, the learners will be able to:

  1. Describe active participation;
  2. Name some benefits of active participation;
  3. Describe steps for incorporating active participation into their healthcare;
  4. Describe techniques for communicating with healthcare team members.


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  • Written and recorded by Terry Hawrysh, OMPRN Patient Partner
  • Edited by Kyster Nanan, Project Manager and Education Lead
  • Reviewed by Kyster Nanan, Karen Haas, OMPRN Patient Partner and Victoria Hoskin, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Version history
Published March 01, 2023