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Lesson Format Infographic
Key Topics
Level beginner
Completion Time 5 minutes
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Lesson description

This infographic serves as a guide for patients about medical professionals involved in cancer care. It outlines various specialists and their most common roles in the diagnosis and management of cancer. Included are examples of questions that each type of support professional is best equipped to answer. If that support professional is not available, you should engage with other
members of your care team who can direct you appropriately. Individual experiences may vary, and the roles of the support professionals on your own care team may differ depending on the resources available at your treatment center.
This infographic is for educational purposes only. Patients and their families must consult with their primary healthcare provider or seek advice from medical professionals for personalized information regarding their specific condition.

Learning objectives

By the end of this lesson learners will:

  1. Have a broad understanding of their treatment team
  2. Be comfortable with asking relevant questions during their treatment
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Created by OMPRN as part of its Patient-Oriented Microlesson initiative.

Stock illustrations by HilaryDesign

Content by Leigh-Ann van Strijp, Karen Haas and Terry Hawrysh

Design and layout by Leigh-Ann van Strijp

Edited by Kyster Nanan.

Version history
Published February 12, 2024