By: Leigh-Ann van Strijp

In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is essential for fostering community, sharing knowledge and driving innovation. To strengthen engagement with the cancer research community and the public, OMPRN has launched a redesigned website and is also dipping its toes into social media.

We are excited to introduce our revitalized website, which was created with the help of developers at Hyphen and is supported by the OICR IT Team. The redesigned platform features a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation and enhanced functionality. The website will serve as a hub for networking and education for network members and the public. Patients and the public will have free and unrestricted access to our expanded microlesson library. We have also included an “enhanced glossary” of terms commonly used in molecular pathology and cancer care. Registered members will be able to access OMPRN’s educational materials designed for researchers and healthcare professionals, such as the Introduction to Cancer Molecular Pathology e-learning course. Registration is free and open for anyone at an Ontario-based university or hospital. Stay tuned to the website as we add more courses and educational resources in the future.

Together with Hal Costie from OICR Communications, OMPRN has crafted a comprehensive social media plan that includes regular postings on LinkedIn and Instagram. Our goal is to share a diverse array of content, from insightful articles and infographics to interactive webinars and expert interviews. To keep our community engaged, we are committed to regular social media updates and opportunities for interactions, like community polls. We aim to provide a wealth of resources that meet the evolving needs of researchers, practitioners and the public.

These initiatives mark a significant leap forward for OMPRN in its mission to advance molecular pathology research and knowledge in Ontario and beyond. With a focus on education and fostering collaboration, we hope we can make a meaningful impact. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @WeAreOMPRN and LinkedIn and explore our new website at We look forward to many future collaborations and more educational resources!


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