Harriet Feilotter

Dr. Harriet Feilotter

Associate Professor, Queen's University, Kingston 


My research focuses on the development of novel diagnostic tools to be used in the screening, diagnosis or treatment of cancer. In many cases, tumours derived from the same cells appear identical when viewed at the cellular level. However, such identical looking tumours often display very different behaviours with respect to long-term outcome or response to therapy. In a clinical setting, it would be important to know as early as possible the likely behaviour of a particular tumour so that treatment can be tailored accordingly. In my lab, we use high throughput methods such as gene expression profiling using microarrays to try to differentiate tumour subgroups at the molecular level that correlate with behaviour or outcome.

Funded Projects

Path2MyDx: Personalized Molecular Pathology for Myeloid Cancer Diagnosis »

Research Specialties

Research Interests

  • Hematological
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Urological

Contact for Collaboration

Queen's University
Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6
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