Alan Tuck

Dr. Alan Tuck

Pathologist (Breast Pathology), London Health Sciences Centre, London


Dr. Tuck is an MD, PhD, FRCPC in Anatomic Pathology, with specialty interest in Breast Pathology. He is the leader of the breast pathology subspecialty team at LHSC and SJHC London, Ontario.

Research interests include: 1) the study of the molecular controls of the early stages of breast cancer progression, 2) the study of factors important in metastasis, in both experimental and clinical settings and 3) the role of specific factors, such as the secreted phosphoprotein osteopontin, in the malignancy of breast cancer and other tumors.

Funded Projects

The Role of the Transcriptional Regulator TBX3 in Early Breast Cancer Progression: a possible regulator of the transition from in situ (DCIS) to invasive mammary carcinoma (IMC) »

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Research Interests

  • Breast

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London Health Sciences Centre
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