John Bartlett

Dr. John Bartlett

Director of OICR’s Diagnostic Development Program and the Ontario Tumour Bank, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto


Dr. John Bartlett is pursuing an integrated platform of research focused on the development of novel cancer diagnostics.

In 2011, Dr. Bartlett became director of OICR’s Transformative Pathology Program and the Ontario Tumour Bank. He is developing new diagnostic approaches to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. By gaining an understanding of the molecular complexity of cancer, accurate diagnostic approaches can be developed to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment. Novel diagnostic tools are required to accurately identify molecular sub-types of cancer and to predict the effectiveness of treatment. Dr. Bartlett has contributed to the development of translational research within multi-centre clinical trials, several of which have led to new insights into selecting appropriate therapeutics for breast cancer patients. He aims to foster research in other laboratories across the province to accelerate the discovery of novel diagnostics for cancer.

Funded Projects

Comprehensive genomic characterization of primary ovarian mucinous carcinoma and the value of genomic profiling in its distinction from metastatic mucinous carcinoma to the ovary »

Research Specialties

Research Interests

  • Breast
  • Molecular Pathology
  • Urological

Contact for Collaboration

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Toronto, ON
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